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Hunter’s WorldWide has designed and patented a new Hunter Justice Bucket Elevator. This equipment in designed to elevate flowable product vertically, consisting of multiple belts and buckets using the same or different configurations within one housing.

The Hunter Justice Bucket elevator allows for products to be brought into the equipment from various locations, various capacities and even various products all at the same time. This product will allow you to operate without the need for multiple bucket elevators with ladder, cage and platform units being installed.

Bucket Elevator is powder coated, blue in color or color of your choice. Hot dipped galvanized is also an option.

Example: An example of this would be a Dry Receiving Leg taking in wet corn being received to be taken to a wet bin and dry grain from the dryer at the same time.

Head Section

  • 10 Ga. or 12 Ga. Head Section
  • 10 Ga. AR Liner with Crown Rim & Discharge
  • Explosion relief cap
  • Common stress proof head shaft
  • (2) Drum type pulleys with Holtz lagging

Legging Section:

  • 12 Ga. or 14 Ga. determined by the height of the discharge – (2) Piece trunking 100% welded construction.
  • 12 Ga. or 14 Ga. inspection section with removable side and 2 inspection doors

Boot Section with Independent Take Up:

  • 7 Ga. or 12 Ga. housing
  • 2 Heavy duty boot hoppers
  • Independent Stress Proof Strafts
  • 4 clean out slides
  • Option Bottom clean out
  • Optional raised 6” boot with hold down bracket
Hunter Justice Bucket Elevator

Justice Dual


  • Two separate individual capacity of material handling in one housing.
  • One common head shaft for each head pulley.
  • One drive and motor to operate both individual capacities.
  • Can receive material from both sides at the same time.
  • Boot section has two independent take ups to allow adjustment on either side.
  • Available in 16”, 30” and 42” diameter pulleys

Justice Triple


  • Three separate individual capacity of material handling in one housing
  • One common head shaft
  • One Drive and Motor to operate all three different capacities
  • Can receive product from three different locations at the same time
  • Boot Section has three independent take-ups
  • Available in 16”, 30” and 42” diameter pulleys

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