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The bucket elevator is the most efficient means of vertically conveying flow able material. Hunter manufactures Legs in capacity from 100 BPH to 250,000 BPH.

Head Section:

The Head Section has been designed from 60 years of testing resulting in the Hunter WorldWide bonnet (center line of pulley to top of head section) this larger design allows product to expand as it is being discharged from the bucket. Any conveyed product requires additional space when the product changes direction. As product is discharged from the Bucket into the head section the large bonnet space is required to allow product to properly discharge from the head section. Bonnet and throat lined with AR Plate is standard.

Full size explosion relief panel, is located in the backside of the head directly in line with the up leg. Options include heavy gauge steel, Server duty bearings, AR Plate, Urethane, and Ceramic.

Bucket Elevator Head Section


Bucket Elevator Legging is nothing more than an item to support the bucket elevator head section. Our legging is manufactured in individual tubes with a legging frame brackets. This is done to asset in transportation, and is assembled in the field with cross members. We offer legging in standard gauges, heavier gauge steel is available, or Corner Angle is available if requested.


Boot Section:

Boots are designed support the Bucket Elevator and to load product into the buckets. Our boots can be manufactured out of a variety of materials and steel thickness. To properly load the elevator the boot hoppers have to be in the correct location. Boots hoppers are installed in the top position on the upside, in the lower position on the down side. This Boot Hopper installation configuration is mandatory for proper bucket loading.


Liberty Bucket Elevators – 500-3,500 BU/HR

Liberty is the smallest Unit Hunter manufactures with a 16” Pulley although small in size it is built for Commercial use.

Lincoln Bucket Elevators – 4,000-8,000 BU/HR

Lincoln series is manufactured with a 30” Pulley and a large housing capable of conveyance of may products.

Franklin Bucket Elevators – 8,000-15,000 BU/HR

Franklin Series in manufactured utilizing a 42” Pulley the smallest of our commercial series.

Monroe Bucket Elevators – 14,000-20,000 BU/HR

Monroe Series is designed to convey larger capacity and offers multiple rows of buckets.

Justice Bucket Elevators – Dual Leg

Hunter’s WorldWide has designed and patented a new Hunter Justice Bucket Elevator. This equipment in designed to elevate flowable product vertically, consisting of multiple belts and buckets using the same or different configurations within one housing.

The Hunter Justice Bucket elevator allows for products to be brought into the equipment from various locations, various capacities and even various products all at the same time. This product will allow you to operate without the need for multiple bucket elevators with ladder, cage and platform units being installed.

Bucket Elevator is powder coated, blue in color or color of your choice. Hot dipped galvanized is also an option.

Example: An example of this would be a Dry Receiving Leg taking in wet corn being received to be taken to a wet bin and dry grain from the dryer at the same time.